I have been with this class consecutively for two years, teaching them English and acting as their form-master in F.5. who are they? What are they like? Do they work hard? Are they good students or bad ones? Etc., etc.... They speak for themselves; I will not attempt to make any judgement here. I will just tell you my feeling about them and what my impressions about them are.

As a whole, this class is quite active, energetic and is very much concerned with what they are going to achieve whether it is for good or bad. There are some very serious and hard-working students as well as some 'just-take-it-easy' type. The former would be represented by Kong Ho Wai, Tsang Sze Chun and William Tse; the latter by Fong Chi Lap, Cheung Kei Wang and Yuen Ka Lai. It doesn't mean they can't mixed well. On the contrary, this class stayed together very well especially in taking part in sports, school events and doing co-operative revision together. The best scholar of 5W, I should, is William Tse Fuk Lam, who marvellously distinguished himself in both school examinations and shows great interest in reading 'outside' syllabuses. And then, Kwok Ka Fung and Louis

Lee also attract my attention because of their intelligence and wit. What about Lee Chin Lap? Well, he is noted and appreciated by the service he did for the class. By the way, I should say, Master Lee is also a very promising student. We must not forget to mention the honourable athletes of the class. They include Tse Chun Ming, Tsoi Fong Hang, Lam Ka Chun and others as well. They trained hard and showed great strength in organization and various sports events. Then, Wu Chung, Li Tung Ming and Lau Wai Lun are also noted for their for their popularity in class, each of them demonstrating certain qualities which their classmates do not possess. In spiritual learning, Wong Yin Shun, Who is a member of the Legion of Mary, distinguishes himself for this service and devotion, Finally, we must not forget to mention Fu Kah Leung, a class monitor, whose romantic, short stories always amuse and enliven the class.

To cut it short, 5W has been making progress steadily this year, and I would like to wish them greater academic success and more brilliant sports performance in the days to come.

Paul Wong Lai Kai

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