computer lessons. After the completion of the first phase of our campus network project, more P5s were set up inside the library to allow students to roam on the Internet through the leased line provided by IMS. This year, a beta web-based catalogue system was released and the results were satisfactory.

Computers were installed in each staff room during the first phase of the network project. Many teachers are using those computers very frequently. During school hours, the computers are fully occupied by teachers. Approximately two-thirds of the teachers are able to browse the World Wide Web. Some are also able to use other services. One-third of them are able to read and receive emails, especially those who have recently graduated from local and overseas universities. Some teachers also use materials found from the Internet to assist in teaching. Dr. Lau, one of our teachers for computer studies, used

WWW to teach students computer hardware knowledge. In A-level Computer Studies, students are encouraged to give homework through email since 1995. Now the students have to learn how to write homepage and CGI programs.

Jimmy Leung formed the Student Computer Operation Service Team (SCOST) in 1995. The team created the first CD edition of Shield. Now the team was resolved and Computer Operation Unit (COU) was formed under the Students' Association this year. COU aims at helping the Students' Association to do computerisation work. A P5 and scanner plus the network connection were set up in the SA.

3. Future Plans

This year we have achieved a lot. The campus network is working fine and the homepage is working on the right track. We hope that we

can have more computers suitable for roaming on the Internet for students. Right now, there are about 20 computers connected to the Internet and we are able to browse WWW in the Students' Library. The computer area is fully crowded with F.1 and F.2 students during lunch hours.

People can communicate freely and effectively through the Internet. We hope we can extend the students' web site and change it into a communication channel. Students and teachers can discuss subject matters, personal feelings or exchange ideas even after school.

We want to convey the idea that, our School, is not just a physical place for us to learn, but physically and mentally allow us to learn, come together, through trial and error... learning is not just happening in the classroom but everywhere, anywhere in our life...

Donald Chan

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