Love is defined by intention, action and effect, not by semantics. Creation is an act of love. When Mother Teresa hugged babies to remind us of the sanctity and preciousness of life, it is an act of love! The Hebrew concept of love involves a generous, responsive active self-giving, modeled on that of God. One way to interpreting St. John's "God is Love" is "God is a Lover"! Do you get the point? In unrefined laymen's terms, it is "Talk is cheap. Show me the money!" There more we love, the less suffering there is.  

I do not embrace suffering with open arms like Jesus on the Holy Cross literally did, and I can only report to you that the best course of action is a conscience, active, and in trustful surrender to Divine Providence, commending all that I have. That is an act of life, too. Try to read "The Interior Castle" by St. Teresa of Avila. She is an expert in achieving union with love. She is a being deeply in love. She has a sense of Jewish humour, too!  

WYK is a library of ideas, an oasis of hope, a forum for debate, an ark of virtues, a temple of worship, a garden of friendship and an arena of sports. If you let free your imagination, you are witnessing a workable blueprint for society and the world at large where humans are given 

opportunities to reach their full potential and chase their dreams, in uninterrupted peace. What a phenomenological vision of harmony and progress! Indeed the reestablishment of Eden is much more than what the English poet William Blake reckoned to be the restitution of human psychic integration (which was disintegrated by blake's vision of the Fall). Also, it is very liberating to read the "Rainbow" by D. H. Lawrence. The vision of the heroine is such that all toxins such as name-calling, labelling, class distinction, suppression of mental brutality, social sanctions, pompousness and disrespect of individuals' wishes are swept aside and a new world is created. Individuals are entitled to be "fully human and fully alive". (Fr. John Powell S.J., Loyola University, Chicago). Noah saw a rainbow after the Deluge. What opened up to him must have been a "new heaven and a new earth". I believe that WYK is a microcosm of that visionary New Kingdom in which love is the lingua franca of all human dialogue. Everything else flows from that.  

There will be all sorts of new challenges for the school. There will always be space for improvements. Trust that the Sacred Heart will proved. Amen!  

Philip Cheung 
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