Charles would never fail to recall what happened that night. It was raining in the evening. They brought along umbrellas and headed to the hospital. When they arrived, they did not go inside the room as the doctors instructed them not to do so. It was harmful for youngsters to stay in the room with radiation. Outside the room, there stood four of them watching their mother through the glass. She was pale. She always had her eyes tightly closed and when they were not, she was coughing. The treatment made her weak and tired. Charles was recalling when was the last time he heard her voice. His father sat at her bedside. Sometimes he pulled the blanket up to her shoulders for fear that she might feel cold. They were all moved by this scene. Though this was an usual visit among all others, they all felt sad and uneasy. Then they went outside together so as to get rid of the boredom and the still air. Outside of the hospital, they recovered from the sorrow and quickly came to themselves. They found droplets of rain water dripping down from elsewhere. In the beginning, they just tried with their fingertips and water was running on the surface of their skin. They were amused and began to twist their umbrellas softly. Water kept flying out as they twisted them harder and faster. Then umbrellas struck against each other. They played, jumped, laughed and did whatever they liked. They were all in the air and in all a sudden, they dropped down so quickly and hurt so badly when their father appeared. They could not find any gesture on his face, hardly one. He said nothing and when they heard the voice, it was "Go home by yourselves.". He said this in a cool way. They went home

without him. He did not tell them why he kept staying. He did come home at last but really late. While all were in bed, the phone rang. It was a loud ring, a hurrying ring and it was also the ring which brought the news of their mother's death. quarreling between the eldest sister and her father rose. Their father kept blaming them in all these years for playing so crazily outside of the hospital while their mother was dying. After the death of their mother, a social worker came and since then she was totally involved in the matter. The social worker did Charles no harm nor good except paying frequent visits to him. They usually did some chatting and worked together in order to solve some practical problems. However, Charles's father was so annoyed at what the social worker had done to his four children. He had not been working since Charles' mother died. He intended to play the role of mother and take care of them. None of them had ever thought of being in the same house with their father for a whole day. In the old days, they considered their father a person who would appear only at night. The relation between their father and the home was the same as that between a guest and hotel. In the old days, he came home after the harsh work. Being overcome by the tiresome, he would go to sleep after dinner or at most after watching television for a short while. The change was hard to come through for both father and children. As time passed, their father could no longer control his temper as he had done. None of the children would stand a father like this but also none of them would show a bit of resentment except the eldest sister. She was always ready for the war

with her father. Screaming, shouting and even fighting were all over the house. Their father used violence more and more frequently. Once things went really wrong and went beyond joke, Rose would dial 999 to call for help. She would report to the policemen that they were being maltreated. This happened for a number of times. Once this did happen again, this time, Rose called for the police and requested for an examination of injury. Four of them were brought to the hospital, while their father was brought to the police station. The social worker persuaded them to leave their father. Both of Charles's sisters then settled in a shelter, Small Good Home. Followed by them was Charles's little brother.

Charles was the only one not leaving and kept staying. He was so confused. He was helpless. He was alone. He wanted a shelter in which he could stay with peace. He did not want to spend time in thinking where to go after school. Why couldn't he go straight home as other boys did? He did not have the least security. He was afraid of his father but he was much more afraid of going nowhere and sleeping nowhere. He would rather stay with his unbearable father than to explore a new life all on his own. At last he ended up the same as Rose, Ann and Samson did. He made such a decision from the total disappointment to his own father and the future ahead of him. He was now living in a shelter. Life was different, there was no doubt in that. He would visit his sisters and brother on Saturdays and Sundays.

He made phone calls to his father, however, they were never answered.

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