Suddenly, a stone was thrown into water, causing ripples which disturbed the shadow of the moon. They burst into different floral patterns, like rose, sunflower, daffodil, lotus, etc and glinted like glittering diamonds. At first, it was just a stationary bud buoying on the water. At a flash, it was growing and flourishing rapidly and unstoppably, just like water flowing out from a fountain. It just kept on developing ultimately until it has occupied the vast Harbour, blossoming like mushrooms. The sea was lit up by the moon. The flower petals glided over the sea, forming firstly a crescent, then a half moon, a gibbous and finally a full moon. The silhouette of the moon resumed quickly. The "explosion" of the moon was so intriguing that my sight have not left the shadow of the moon for a second longer since the stone had been dropped into the sea, but watching it in quiet admiration. Nevertheless, this magnificent spectacle did not last long. Within a couple of seconds, all the flowers dissipated and what had been left behind was merely the original moon shadow. I could honestly assert that I have never seen such kind of grand and stunning wonders. I doubt whether beautiful things always had a short "life-span"?

Across the harbour, in no time, the


opposite side of the Harbour came into view. I could nearly see the skyline of Hong Kong Island. I saw many tall buildings which nearly reached the clouds. The high-rise buildings seemed to compete against one another to reach higher into the sky. I could recognize the specially-designed Headquarters of the Bank of China and the New Convention Centre, gaily elaborated by numerous twinkling neon lights. All of them formed a vivid and picturesque drawing.

Occasionally a small fish jumped out of the water, disturbing the smooth surface of the Harbour. But most of the time rubbish including plastic bottles, styrofoam lunch boxes and wooden planks could be seen floating in water. Rubbish flew to and fro restlessly, resulting in the spoilage of the charming scene. Undeniably, this was a lapse of the perfect Victoria Harbour and posed a negative effect on the so-called "Fragrant Harbour"! This also reminded me of the importance of conserving and treasuring the precious Nature.

The calm and peaceful Victoria Harbour at night was in sharp contrast with the daytime hustle and bustle city. Everything who like a sleeping baby. This exceptional tranquility provided me with a silent situation to think about things. To

think about what? Since no one would interrupt my stream of thoughts, this rekindled my spirit and gave me a time to think about the value of living in this world. I also knew the preciousness of silence which could hardly be found in Hong Kong. Therefore I just closed my eyes, as well as all my sensory organs to have an invaluable absolute silence to reflect on myself, thinking what I have done wrong and what I have done right.

All of a sudden, horning from a gigantic ship brought my mind back. I found it difficult to breathe or to move a little bit. To say in brief, I was utterly held spellbound. The only thing I could do was to stare at the breathtaking scenery in mute amazement. I absolutely marvelled at the Creator who created this fabulous, imposing and glorious world, especially the Victoria Harbour! Seeing the masterpiece of God, I could do nothing but to glorify and extol the virtues of Nature. My soul was awakened and my heart was brightened.

If you had seen this scene, you would have undoubtedly agreed that it was indescribable and unspeakable! Since then, I knew why people were so fascinated by the Victoria Harbour.

Yung Poon To
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