Teacher advisers:
Ms. Freda Russell
Ms Agnes Tsoi
Leung Wing Yu 6SS
Li Yiu Man 6SS
Yu Kin Lok 6B
Financial Secretary:
Wong Man Kit 6SS
General Secretary:
Lo Yik Ho 4K

The executive committee of the Current Affairs Society was formed in October. The aim of our club is to arouse students' awareness in current affairs. This year, we had 35 members.

In early November, we assisted the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in organizing an exhibition. Meanwhile, we set up a game stall to test students' knowledge on the ICAC. The response was good as there was a crowd of schoolmates, both upper-form and lower-form, queuing up to play the game. In addition, we took part in the exhibition board designing competition which was organized by the ICAC. Though we did not get any prizes, indeed, it was an invaluable experience for all our students.

In January, we launched an inter-class academic quiz with the Cultural Activities Committee. We were delighted to see that twelve teams participated in it.

The society also held a series of video shows and talks between March and April. Press cuttings were stuck on our club bulletin board regularly in order to inform schoolmates of the latest in current affairs. Finally, on behalf of the Current Affairs Society, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our advisers, Miss Russell, Freda Ying Lan and Miss Tsoi Sau Chun, Agnes for their invaluable advice and infinite support.

Leung Wing Yu, Gordon

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