Teacher adviser:
Mr. Wong Kang Ming ,Alan
Chow Ka Shing 4K
Ho Chi Chung 4S
Yu Tin Chak 5J
Financial Secretary:
Chan Yu Hin 4J
Internal Secretaries:
Ko Man Hon,Gary 4K
Lai Wai Chun 5Y
External Secretaries:
Kwan Ming 4K
Li Tsz Kai 5Y
General Secretaries:
Fung Sunny 4J
Kwok Yui Kei 3W
Leung Kin Pong,Johnny 5Y
Student Advisers:
Ng Ngok Hing 6SS
Fu Kah Leung 5W

In November of this year, the Aquatic Club formerly known as the Swimming Club, established our Executive Committee. This committee was formed in order to arouse students' interest in aquatic activities. Throughout this year, we organised many activities. These included comprehensive courses for swimming for beginners; as well as arranging the annual Short-Pool Swimming Competition; providing time-checks; and helpful tuition. The winners in the competition, were rewarded by an invitation to join the Swimming Team in the following academic year.

On Union Day, a stall was set up in order to make students aware of our club and the importance of participating in our school extra-ciricular activities. A good response resulted from this. In addition to this, video shows were provided to show the wide range of water sports available. Furthermore, a Club Magazine was distributed to all our members at the end of the academic year.

On behalf of the Aquatic Club, the members and I wish to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Alan Wong, our advisor, for his support and invaluable guidance

Chow Ka Shing

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