Teacher Adviser:
Mr.Leung Yiu Kwong
Leung Wing Yu 6SS
Lui Kwok Yiu 6B
Ting Kai 6S
Financial Secretary:
Too Ho Wan 6SS
Internal Secretary:
Ko Man Hon,Gary 4K
External Secretary:
Chan Shing Kin 6SS

The executive committee of the Art Club was successfully formed in early October. The aim of our Club is to arouse students' interest in the arts.

In the first term, we distributed membership cards. We also provided discounts for members to buy art products. In addition, we organized a bookmark designing competition. In early November, we started to design the backdrop of the stage for Speech Day

In order to arouse students' appreciation and awareness in the arts, we jointly organized an art trip with Holy Family Canossian College. The art trip consisted of two main sections: sketching and grouped games. Through these activities, our members exchanged and shared their opinions and knowledge in art. This art trip was an opportunity to ameliorate students' skills in sketching and to enhance their cooperation and communication skills.

Starting from February, we organized a number of interesting and practical courses, namely silk-screen printing course, handicraft workshop and so forth.

Besides, we co-organized a mouse-pad designing competition with the students' welfare committee. We also held an art exhibition to deliver some basic information on art.

On behalf of the Art Club, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our adviser, Mr. Leung Yiu Kwong, for his productive advice and infinite support. I wish the club every success in the future.

Gordon Leung

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