Teacher Adviser:
Mr.Stanislaus Keung
Tang Wei Kwan 6S
Leung Mang Hong 6SS
Ko Man Hon,Gary 4K
Publication Secretary:
Cham Chun Kei 3K
Ko Man Kit 6SS
Lai Wai Hang 6SS
Cheung Kam Fung 6S

Stars are leading our way...

Our mission has never been changed, that is, to promote Astronomy in Wah Yan. This year is no exception. We, a group of boys who like to dream, have inherited this task this year since the formation of the executive committee on 20th September.

Amendment to constitution
This year's Annual General Meeting has been a special one, for the amendment of the constitution was passed at the meeting. After the reformation, our society has been renamed to the "Astronomy Society". This symbolises a new era in our society. Shortly after that, the membership cards were released and the subscription of star maps was done respectively.

Lunar Eclipse
There was a partial lunar eclipse on Mid Autumn Festival night, 1997. A talk was held in the Physics lecture room beforehand. Slides were shown and the formation of the lunar eclipse was explained to our members. That night, a team of ex-co members was sent to a place to do the observation overnight. The sky, however, was so troubled that no matter how keen we were, the only thing we could see was nothing other than clouds.

Star Observation Night
The failure of the lunar eclipse observation didn't hamper our determination. A star observation night was conducted at Shek O before the Christmas examination. The sky, once again, didn't seem to be co-operative with our efforts, it was not clear enough after all. Yet, it was better than that on Mid Autumn Festival night, at least we had the chance to admire Orion, the most beautiful constellation in the night sky.

Christmas Camp
This year, we had the pleasure to be invited by Marymount Secondary School to co-organize the Winter Star Observation Camp. Similar to ordinary camps, mass games and talks were conducted in the camp. What made the camp so unforgettable were the stars. The sky seemed to me that it had finally been touched by our unrelenting perseverance. A multitude of stars were sparkling in the endless night sky. We even had the luck to see the fire meteor which is so rare. I dare say none of the participants will ever be able to forget that night in their whole life.

Astronomy Exhibition 98'
The exhibition has been held in previous years and this year is no exception. It was held in early March. A booth was set up in the corridor and the exhibits ranged from books, telescopes, souvenirs to videos. Quiz papers were distributed to all lower form schoolmates as a challenge. All of a sudden, an astronomy atmosphere was brewing in Wah Yan.

Observation in Summer
As we all know, we can only see our milky way most clearly in the summer. Thus we are going to organize a number of observations in the coming vacation so as to fulfil the curiosity of our members.

External Activities
Two of our ex-co members were elected as officials in the Hong Kong Joint School Astronomical Society this year. Through this organization, some of our members were provided with an opportunity to attend more astronomy functions and to meet people outside our school.

The 1997-98 academic year has passed quickly. It is now time for us to pass our mission to our successors. I believe they will do even better than we did as they have shown enthusiastic participation, interest and devotion this year. Above all, special thanks must be given to Stanislaus Keung and those who have been supporting us invariably this year, without which our dream could never come true.

David Tang

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