Teacher adviser:
Mr. Keung Yiu Ming
Yip King Yan 6SS
Kwok Mun King 6SS
Financial Secretary:
Cheng Sheung Hong 6S
Internal Secretary:
Leung Cheuk Fun 6S
External Secretary:
Ho Wing Wai 4Y
General Secretary:
Law Chi Kin 4Y


The Badminton club had a successful year since the executive committee for this academic year was formed in late September. Regular practice, which started in November, is ongoing. At Christmas we organized a badminton competition with the Sports Committee of the Students' Association.

In February we distributed the latest edition of our club magazine to all members. To promote an understanding of the sport, this edition carried a full version of the official rules of badminton.

The executive committee would like to thank all the members for making the club a success, and we would like to give special thanks to our advisor, Mr. Stanislaus Keung, for his generous and sincere support.

Yip King Yan, Vincent

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