Teacher adviser:
Mr. Chan Ka Lok
Wong Chun Wai, Johnny 6B
Chan Shin Kin,Ken 6SS
Cho Chak Lam,Roy 6B
Financial Secretary:
Lau Yat Kwan, Anthony 6B
Internal Secretary:
Law Wai Kei, Ernest 6SS
External Secretary:
Yeung Kai Keung 5Y
General Secretary:
Thung Chi Ming,Herbert 6S
Public Relations:
Ho Ka Fai 4W
Ho Wong Wai
Chan Chin Ngai 4Y
Ng Derek 4J

The executive committee of the Basketball Society this academic year was formed in October. In this academic year, the old club name 'Basketball Association' was changed to 'Basketball Society'. Although the name was changed, our attitude to Wahyanites was not. The aim of the Basketball Society is to arouse the interest of playing basketball among the schoolmates, so we have organized many activities for the Wahyanites to take part in.

This year, we have ninety members and ten ex-co members. In November, we organized a video show of the NBA season game. We want to introduce the most popular basketball league to the schoolmates. They can also learn some skills in playing basketball and know the actual conditions in a basketball league. To be worth our members while we distributed our specially designed membership cards to them. We also gave a discount on buying sports equipment to our members. Our members could also pay a lower fee for the league we organized.

On Union Day, we organized a three-point shooting competition. Many schoolmates took part in this event. Following this event, the 3 on 3 league was held in March. This event provided a good opportunity to the lower form students to have an experience in a 'real' basketball game.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our adviser, Mr. Chan Ka Lok, for his sincere help and advice. As the chairman of the Basketball Society, I would like to thank our ex-co members who spent so much time and resources on the Society and the support of Wahyanites.

Wong Chung Wai, Jonny


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