] The Shield (Volume 46) - The Satellites

Teacher advisers:
Mr. Chiu Hai Kaw
Mr. Shing Chi Keung
Siu Ming Tsun, Paul 6B
Lee Wing Chi 6B
Financial Secretary:
Yu Po Nam, Paul 6SS
Internal Secretary:
Lee Wai Tat, Eric 6B
External Secretaries:
Cheung Ip Ho, David 6B
Chiu Tsz Yeung, William 6B
General Secretary:
Tang Siu Hang, Wesley 6B


The executive Committee of the Biology Club was formed in early October. Since then, a series of functions were launched.

In late October and early November, we organized talks on the external features of shrimps and grasshoppers. In Caritas Bazaar we had a stall, named 'Grasshopper Race' and won the first runner-up in the Stall Design Competition. On Union Day, we had a game stall: a Biology Quiz. All these functions were welcomed by our members and were well attended.

We held several laboratory sessions in the second term. They were frog and rat dissections, investigation of external and internal features of flowers, etc. Moreover, the Horticulture Club along with our club co-organized a visit to the Lion Club Nature Educated Centre during the Easter Holidays.

May I take this chance to convey my heartfelt gratitude to our advisers, Mr. H.K Chiu, Mr C. K. Shing , and our laboratory technician, Mr. K. W. Wu for their invaluable advice and helpful support.

Paul Siu Ming Tsun

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