Teacher advisers:
Mr. Tam Wing Ming
Mr. Ng Ka Lok
Mr. Wong Wai Leung
Mo Yee Shum 6S
Lee Wing Chi 6B
Financial Secretary:
Poon Wai Lee 6SS
Internal Secretary:
Yu Po Nam, Paul 6SS
External Secretary:
Tang Yiu Hung 6S
General Secretary:
Ngan Ka Kin 6S

In this academic year, the executive committee of the club was formed in October. The aim of our club is to arouse interest in Bridge games within the school. Regular practice sessions were held in order to improve the skills of our members. The tutorial course, with the help of Mr. Ng Ka Lok, was held during October and November. We have sent some of our outstanding members to take part in external matches.

Lastly, on behalf of the club, I would like to thank our advisors, Mr. Tam Wing Ming, Mr. Wong Wai Leung and Mr. Ng Ka Lok for their invaluable guidance.

Sunny Mo

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