Teacher adviser:
Mr. Wong Wai Leung
Ho Yue Jin, Eugene 4J
Chan Hoi Ho, Donald 4J
Internal Secretary:
Wan King Doy, David 4J
External Secretary:
Chinn Ckeuk Kit, Jacky 4J
General Secretary:
Tam Kin Bong, Allan 4J
Software Manager:
Chang Yee Ming, David 2W

The executive committee of the computer club was formed in early October. The main objective of our club is to arouse Wahyanites' interests in computer operation, application and technology. In this year, we put special effort into promoting the use of internet among our members.

An encouraging number of 180 students joined our club. Several creative activities were launched. The first one was a homepage design course which aimed at introducing basic techniques for students to write their internet homepage. We host a game stall on the Union Day and in PSA's annual Ball as well. The game required simple image processing and the participants could print out the pictures as label stickers. A homepage competition and a quiz for lower form students were launched to promote interests. We also jointly organised a friendly match on the Go game with the chess club, using the Internet Go Server (IGS) which is believed to be pioneer in the secondary school of Hong Kong.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Wong Wai Leung for his invaluable advice and guidance.

Wan King Doy , David
Internal Secretary

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