Teacher adviser:
Mr. Keung Yiu Ming
Ngan Ka Kin 6S
Tang Yiu Hung 6S
Financial Secretary:
Au Yeung Chi Kit 6SS
Internal Secretary:
Lui Kai Chung 6S
External Secretary:
Leung Chi Tat 6SS
General Secretary:
Yu Kin Lok 6B
Art Design and Computer Assistant:
Yuen Chi Hang 6S
Wong Man Kit 6SS

As the environment of our planet has become worse, more people are now putting more emphasis on the topic of Environmental Protection. This area of concern has to be instilled in the youth immediately. Based upon this, the aims of the Conservancy Club are to arouse the awareness of Environmental Protection of Wahyanites and let them know how to protect our planet appropriately and effectively.

The Executive Committee of this academic year was formed in late October. We immediately started to recruit new members who were interested in the subject. A board was then requested in order to keep good communication with our members. Current news concerning Environmental Protection was also displayed on the board.

On Union Day, together with the Geography Society, we set up a game stall from which the idea of Conservancy was displayed. The response was rather encouraging. Apart from this, an activity 'Greening our Campus' which was jointly organised with the Horticulture Club was carried out. A newsletter was published and distributed periodically to all members so as to introduce the 4Rs, namely: Reuse, Recycle, Replace and Reduce - the basic principle to which is Conservancy. Last but not least, other activities such as visits were also organised to achieve the numerous aims of the Club.

Finally, on the behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our adviser, Mr. Stanislaus Keung, for his valuable advice and continuous support throughout the year.

Ngan Ka Kin, Francis

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