Ms. Chau Suk Man, Eva
Li Hong Yu, Clement 6B
Kwong Sin Hang, Jimmy 6B
Wong Pak Cheong, Ronald 6B
Financial Secretary:
Cheng Sheung Hong, Kevin 6S
Internal Secretary:
Ng Wai Hung, William 6B
External Secretary:
Lai Wai Hang, William 6SS
General Secretary:
Ng Kwing Fei, Manson 6B
Publication Secretary:
Lee Siu Kei, Kenneth 6B

The prime objective of the English Society is to stimulate students' interests in learning English. In response to the 'Academic Excellence' campaign of the school this year, we endeavoured to promote the use of English as an everyday language and at the same time improve the English proficiency of our schoolmates.

In order to help our fellow schoolmates to learn English, the English Society has organized different events to provide more opportunities for them to learn the language in a meaningful way. In October, the preparation of our club newsletter, the Bulletin, began. In November, the first issue of the newsletter was published. This little booklet provided interesting idioms, articles and games for the schoolmates to realize how joyous and funny English could be. It was hoped that students could learn and use the language happily.

On the Union Day, we set up a counter which provided a number of questions and quizzes for the schoolmates. The enthusiastic participation of our lower-form schoolmates was certainly a surprise to us!

In the second term, we launched two competitions, namely the Penmanship Competition and the Writing Competition, which were held in March and April respectively. Thanks to the active participation of our schoolmates, both competitions ended successfully. In May, we started preparing for the publication of the second issue of the Bulletin.

Lastly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Miss Eva Chau, our adviser, for her valuable advice and assistance in the organization of our activities. Also, special thanks should be given to Mr. David Leung for being one of our adjudicators of the Writing Competition and for his constructive comments to the candidates.

Li Hong Yu, Clement

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