Mr. Keung Yiu Ming, Stanislaus
Mr. So Wai Hong, Francis
Wong Man Kit, Andy 6SS
Leung Chi Tat, Edward 6SS
Financial Secretary:
Ko Man Kit, Eric 6SS
Honourary Secretary:
Chan Wai Kok, Kenneth 6SS
Assistant Honourary Secretary:
Wong Kwok Hei, Tony 6SS
Weather Corner Officer:
Lee Wing Chi, Eric 6B

The Wah Yan Geography Society was founded in 1966. After the annual general meeting was held last October, the 31st Executive Committee of the Geography Society was elected and we started to work eagerly with great expectations. The Library Sub-Committee and Weather Corner Sub-Committee were soon established. As the tradition passed on year after year, we joined the Joint School Geography Association (J.S.G.A.). However, we were a little bit disappointed that we had not been elected as members of any executive committee.

This year, 94 members were recruited. To achieve the aim of our Geography Society -- to arouse and foster students' interest in geography -- a field excursion was arranged. On 21st November, 1997, a field trip to Pat Sin Leng was held. Due to the failure in promotion, there were only a few participants. We first visited Bride's Pool, and then walked uphill to Shun Yeung Fung where we spent 20 minutes to have our lunch. We walked along the mountain ridge and came to the last mountain peak - Hsien Ku Fung. The trip ended at about 5:00 p.m.. Through this trip, we learnt the differences between many types of rocks. The presence of sedimentary rocks such as sandstone and siltstone all widened our scope of the formation of rocks.

Although there are some activities which have not been held yet, we're sure that we will hold them in turn as planned in our annual agenda. The Joint-School Geo-orienteering Competition has been confirmed to be held in April. The Joint-School Boat Trip will be held in July.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the executive members for their hardwork. We sincerely express our gratitude to Mr. Francis So and Mr. Stanislaus Keung for their invaluable advice and guidance.

Wong Man Kit

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