Ms. Russell, Freda Ying Lan
Mr. Chow Ping Wa, Timothy
Mr. Koo Siu Chin
Mr. Leung Kwok Yee, David
Ko Man Kit, Eric 6SS
Li Yin Man, Louis 6SS
Financial Secretary:
Leung Mang Hong 6SS
Internal Secretary:
Ng Wai Hung, William 6B
External Secretary:
Wong Pak Cheung, Ronald 6B
General Secretaries:
Luk Kai Kin 4Y
Yiu Cheong, Rico 4K
Publicity Secretary:
Ho Yue Jin, Eugene 4J

The executive committee of the History Society was formed in early October. The deeply-rooted belief of every executive member is to promote students' interest in history through which ultimately helping in developing critical thinking and becoming politically conscious citizens. This year, we would like to continue this great marathon through the introduction on contemporary history. A quiz co-organized with the Chinese Society also offered members an opportunity to evaluate their knowledge and get to know each other.

We were particularly pleased to tell our members that the History Society library is now fully used. The library was not known to the members and it was not cost-effective to run the library regularly for the limited number of members. For many years, the low use rate and the apathy of the members disappointed the executive members. This year, we endeavour to reverse the situation. A detailed catalogue has been distributed to the members and they are free to call in the executive members for the reference books. In this way, more members benefit while the workload of the executive members is greatly alleviated. We believe it would be adopted for years to come.

To conclude, we would like to thank our advisers, namely, Ms. Freda Russell, Mr. Koo Siu Chin, Mr. Chow Ping Wa and Mr. Leung Kwok Yee. Much of our credits are built on their invaluable advice and encouragement. May we also pass on our best wishes to the executive members next year.

Ko Man Kit

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