Mr. Chiu Hai Kaw
Mr. Lau Ping Yee, John
Mr. Shing Chi Keung, Danny
Yu Kin Lok 6B
Leung Sze Yi 6B
Ngan Ka Kin, Francis 6S
Financial Secretary:
Li Yiu Man 6SS
Internal Secretary:
Tang Yiu Hung 6S
External Secretary:
Thung Chi Ming, Herbert 6S
General Secretary:
Siu Kai Ming 6B
Art Designer:
Yuen Chi Hang 6S

The executive committee of our club was formed in early October. The main objective of the club is to raise students' interest in growing plants and appreciating the beauty of nature.

To achieve these aims, we have organized several activities for our members. These activities included growing African Violets and crafting Daffodil bulbs, which consisted mainly in laboratory work. Every gathering, there were about 30 participants. Most of them were active and showed great interest throughout the gathering. In early December, our club had also planted a tree in the school campus for keeping our school green.

Apart from these activities, our club also worked for the Wah Yan Path with the Biology Club. For coming the academic year, we are going to publish a booklet and create a homepage for the Wah Yan Path.

Finally, on behalf of the Horticulture Club, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our advisers, Mr. Chiu, Mr. Lau and Mr. Shing for their invaluable advice and assistance throughout the year. I hope the Horticulture Club will be more successful in the coming years.

Yu Kin Lok

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