Scout Leader:
Tong Wai Shing
Leung Kui Kei, Barnett 6SS
Lo Ping Tin, Cuthbert 6SS
Patrol Leader:
Chow Lut Kwan 4Y
Patrol Leaders:

Joseph Tse
Teddy Cheung
Size Yan
Thomas Cham


Video Clips
Snapshots of chrismas camp  
Arrival Inspection  
Backwoods Cooking  
Leaving the campsite  

Peperation of scout week  
Making of aerial runway part 1  
Making of aerial runway part 2  
On the aerial runway  
Lashing demonstration  



Our Troop is one of the oldest in Hong Kong. The aim of the Junior Scout Troop is to provide our members with opportunities and encouragement to prepare themselves for society as people of standing.

This year, we really appreciate that more than twenty new members joined our Troop. Moreover, congratulations to three of our members who were awarded the Chief Scout Award, which is the highest honour in a scout unit. The training just after the recruitment project held in September. Our first target was the Membership Badge, which is the basic qualification for a scout.

In order to enhance our members' scouting crafts, we had a Troop meeting every Saturday. During the Troop meetings, there were basic trainings like marching and knotting. Besides, we also organized courses to expose our members to new things.

Apart from these activities, two wild camps, one in Christmas and the other in Easter, were also held. They served as a part of the training program. The most important event every year is the Campfire. However, as there are some restrictions such as having an open fire in the campus area, we have generated another brand new activity to replace this annual event. Recently, we are planning to co-organize a summer project with the 13th East Kowloon Company and 25th Island Company. I am sure that all members of our Troop are looking forward to the success of this summer project.

Lo Ping Tin, Cuthbert


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