Many changes are happening in the Students' Library this year: new staff, new environment, new tasks appear.

The most important change, of course, is the employing of an assistant in the library. On 19th September 1997, our school employed Miss Cheng to work partly as a clerical assistant to the assistant principal and partly as a library assistant. Although she is not fully on duty in the library, she devotes much of her time in the library to help with the work.

Other than the new face, 24 computers were installed in the library before the start of the academic year. One of the computer lessons is held in the library starting from this year. Those computers occupy quite a portion of the area of the library, but this gives many benefits to us students. Those computers are maintained by the COU (Computer Operating Unit). They have installed a system in every computer to make the whole network of computers in the library accessible to the world-wide Internet. Students can use the computers to check their mail, or enjoy the fast Internet access with the 512K leased-line connection. Besides having Internet access, we also installed typing tutor programs into all the computers so that students can practise their typing skills, and check their typing speed in Chinese or English. This service is very popular among Form One students. Students can also book those computers for doing homework or other projects.

In this academic year, we have also helped in the new reading scheme in the library subject of Form One. The aim of the reading scheme is to increase their interest in reading, by giving them books to read and having meetings with them to discuss those books.

As mentioned at the very beginning, the changes are still going on. There will be 20 new and fast computers installed in the library in April. We are going to upgrade our software to enhance their ability and make full use of those powerful computers.

For special events, the PLA (Past Librarian Association) and we organized a book exhibition in the first week of this academic year. That book exhibition, namely "Book Exhibition '97", was held in the school hall, with books from 5 big bookstores. Besides these works, we also had some other activities. On 28th February, we had a football match with the PLA. On 28th March, the PLA and we will organize a sports day for entertainment. We will also organize visits to the library of other schools, and invite the librarians of other school to visit our library.

In a system, changes are always needed, like the policy of the library. It is always changing in order to deal with different situations and problems. Although changes may cause problems and trouble, they are necessary for improvement and adaptation for a new environment. We hope that these changes will go on, so that the Students' Library will become better and better.

Last but not least, I would like to thank our adviser Mr. Norman So and our Teacher Librarian Miss Christina Tai for their invaluable advice and guidance. Moreover, I would like to thank Mr. Wong Wai Leung and the members of the COU for their computer technical support. Also, I thank all the librarians for their hard work put into the library.

Leo Yuen
Chief Librarian


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