Mr. Kwan Man Leung
Tang Yiu Hung 6S
Internal Vice-Chairman:
Ngan Ka Kin 6S
External Vice-Chairman:
Leung Chi Tat 6SS
Financial Secretary:
Lui Kai Chung 6S
Internal Secretary:
Yuen Chi Hang 6S
External Secretary:
Siu Kai Ming 6B
General Secretaries:
Leung Mang Hong 6SS
Leung Sze Yi 6B

Modellers' Society was first established in early 1982. The objectives of setting up this society are to arouse the interest of model-making among Wahyanites and at the same time improve the model-making skill of our members.

This year was a fruitful one for the society. Shortly after the formation of the executive committee, we successfully recruited 130 members. Throughout the year, we have published three newsletters which aim at improving the model-making skills of our members. On the Union Day, we organized a minicar-racing and there were more than fifty members joining this competition. After the Easter holidays, there was also the Annual Model-making Contest in which we received good responses from our members.

Finally, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our adviser, Mr. Kwan Man Leung, Kenneth, for his invaluable support and advice. Thanks must also be given to our members for their enthusiastic participation in our activities. Wish the society every success in future!

Tang Yiu Hung

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