Mr. Ho Lai Hang
Mr. Lee Hang Kin, David
Mr. Kong Chi Kwan, Francis
Cheng Sheung Hong, Kevin 6S
Vice Chairmen:
Chan Chin Cheung, Alan 6S
Li Hong Yu, Clement 6B
Li Kwan Kit, Floyd 6B
Internal Secretary:
Leung Cheuk Fun, Bede 6S
External Secretary:
Law Chi Kin, Peter 4W
General Secretaries:
Chan Wai Lok, Kenneth 6SS
Ho Wing Wai, Danny 4Y
Art Designer:
Yong Chi Kong 4Y

The Philatelic Society was established in 1973. The aims of our society are to arouse the interest in philately among the students and to educate them with philatelic knowledge.

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Philatelic Society. The Annual General Meeting was held in late September and the executive committee was then formed. The recruitment of members was satisfactory that over 230 members joined our society.

We helped the members and teachers to buy the newly issued commemoration stamps, Official First Day Covers, souvenir sheets and presentation packs, which included 'Hong Kong Seashells', 'Year of the Tiger', 'Centenary of the Star Ferry', and 'Hong Kong's New Airport'.

In order to explore the philatelic knowledge of our members, we arranged several visits during this academic year. In early October, we visited the Stamps Exhibition held in Shatin Town Hall. We also visited the Joint School Philatelic Exhibition '98 at the Baptist University in March. A visit to the General Post Office was arranged in May.

The first volume of our club magazine was published in February and the second one was published in June. Members can acquire a lot of knowledge in philately through reading them. Besides, our society issued our own club badges at the end of this academic year. Our members also enjoyed a discount privilege on special items from some stamps companies.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Philatelic Society, Philatelic Week '98 was held in late April. A wide variety of activities were organized. We published our own First Day Cover to mark this event, and all of these were sold within three days. We also obtained the assistance of a stamp company for lending us some philatelic products, such as stamps album and forceps, for exhibition. The Stamp Exhibition was held in the corridor and this was welcomed by the students. A counter was set up in the corridor during recess, lunch time and after school so that students could order stamps, First Day Covers and philatelic products. Stamps Exchanging Scheme and Inter-Class Philatelic Knowledge Competition were, however, postponed or canceled respectively due to the lack of participants.

Generally speaking, this year was a fruitful one for the Philatelic Society. The success of our society was mainly due to the support and earnest participation from the advisers and members. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Kong Chi Kwan, Francis, Mr. Lee Hang Kin, David and Mr. Ho Lai Hang for their generous support and invaluable advice. Thanks must also be presented to all the members. We sincerely hope that our society will have a prosperous future in the coming years.

Cheng Sheung Hong

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