Mr. Ng Ka Lok, Alex
Mr. Wong Kwok Wah
Mr. Wong Wai Leung
Lui Kai Chung, Anthony 6S
Vice Chairmen:
Chan Chin Cheung, Alan 6S
Ting Kai, Kurt 6S
Financial Secretary:
Lee Phichol 6S
Internal Secretary:
Tang Yiu Hung 6S
External Secretary:
Mo Yee Sum 6S
General Secretary:
Ngan Ka Kin, Francis 6S

1998 is a year in which the activities we organised were slightly different forms those in the past. The "A Month A Quiz", with the addition of a new type of questions about Integrated Science, provided more opportunities for schoolmates enthusiastic in both Mathematics and Science to win the prizes they deserve. Gone are the days in which only lower form Wahyanites could participate in "Inter-class Maths and Science Contests". This year another Maths Contest, emulating the Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad, was specially designed for Form 4 schoolmates. This is also the first year that both Form 4 and Form 5 schoolmates studying Additional mathematics could experience what the HKCEE would be like by sitting for the Additional Mathematics Test and Mock Exam that we organised for them. In addition, we organised many other new activities including the "Straw Tower" Competition, the Lemon Cell game and training courses for the Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad. However, without our advisers and our club members, we could never have the stamina and determination to add these bits of innovation to our activities. Thus, we would like to thank Mr. Wong Wai Leung, Mr. Ng Ka Lok and Mr. Wong Kwok Wah for their guidance, advice and assistance throughout the year, as well as all others who have supported our activities.

Lui Kai Chung

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