Mr. Tang Wai Choi
Chan Tsz Shing 6S
Vice Chairmen:
Cheng Sheung Hong 6S
Cheung Ka Man 6S
Financial Secretary:
Wong Wing Keung 6S
Internal Secretaries:
Leung Cheuk Fun 6S
Cheung Hon Yuen 6S
External Secretaries:
Yip King Yan 6SS
Lai Chi Wing 6B


This is a difficult year for the soccer society since most of our executive committee members did not have any experience in organizing activities, especially football activities. Nevertheless, we have done most of the work as with previous years.

Our society was formed in October, after the formation of the executive committee. Later, we successfully recruited over 150 members.

This year, our society has jointly organized the Inter-Class Football Competition with the Sports Section. We have also organized the annual Easter Cup during the Easter holidays. Furthermore, our society members got the privilege of borrowing footballs.

I would like to thank Mr. Tang Wai Choi for his support and advice this academic year.

Chan Chi Shing

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