We are the hidden men behind the scene, the "STAGE WORKERs"!!

Stage workers are a group of volunteers ranging from Form Four to Form Six. Not only are we responsible for the preparation of assemblies and examinations, but also for various special functions such as Speech Day, Speech Festival, Music Festival and some other activities organized by the S.A., such as the Annual Ball. Any event involving the use of the Hall's sound and the lighting systems needs our assistance. As the policy of our school was stricter than ever before, lots of functions were banned. The opportunity for the newcomers to practise was thus limited. This year, about twenty volunteers who were interested in the stage work were recruited. They all gave a much needed helpful hand!!

Despite the heavy workload, I am glad we can have the opportunity to serve the school and learn how to co-operate with others. Few may notice what we have done. However, every successful performance brings us satisfaction. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for the invaluable advice and support given by our Principal, Mr. Norman So and Assistant Principal, Mr. Yue. I would also like to thank the fellow stage workers for their assistance and co-operation during the academic year.

Wu Ho Chuen, Ronald
Stage Manager

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