Mr. Lee Kwok Keung
Mr. Tang Wai Choi
Fung King Shing 4Y
Chan Lai Man 5Y
Lee Yat Chung 5J
Financial Secretary:
Ho Wing Wai 4Y
Internal Secretaries:
Wai Tak Shun, Dustin 3K
Li Chin Yeung 3J
External Secretaries:
Ng Yik Him 3J
Yam Kin Chiu 3J
General Secretaries:
Cheng Hon Fai 6S
Yu Tin Chak 5J
Art Designer:
Tam Tsz Wai 4W
Lee Pui Chung 2K

Our executive committee was formed in October. This year, about 100 students joined the club since table-tennis is very popular in our school.

In January, We sold the club magazine to our members to increase their knowledge of table-tennis. We also bought a counter board to hold the "Teachers and Students Table Tennis Game" on Union Day. In February and April, we organized a single match and a team match to help the School Table-Tennis Team recruit more skillful players. Besides, we helped our members to buy some qualified table-tennis equipment at a low price.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest thanks to our advisors, Mr. Tang Wai Choi and Mr. Lee Kwok Keung since they help us a lot. I would also like to thank all the members of the Table-Tennis Club for their support throughout the year.

Fung King Shing, Samuel

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