Rev. Anthony Farren, S. J.
Yau Man Lok, Simon 4K
Thung Chi Ming 6S
Financial Secretary:
Ng Hon Man 4W
Internal Secretaries:
Yim Ka Yan, Kenny 4K
Kwong Ka Wai, Wells 4Y
External Secretary:
Kwok Long Fung 4Y
General Secretary:
Ko Man Ho 4K
Function Organizer:
Lau Siu Yat, Lesile 4K
Art Designer:
Li Tin Yan 4K
Wong Yui Keung 4K

The executive committee of the Tennis Club was formed in late September. In order to achieve our main goals: to arouse our schoolmates' interest in tennis and promote the sport, many new activities were held.

Being one of the most popular clubs in our school, we recruited 91 members this year. Specially designed membership cards were distributed to them on 15th October 1997. Several tennis fun days, including one on Union Day, were held. A few talented players were recruited into our school team. Besides, a tennis course was organized for lower-form students to give them a chance to learn how to play tennis.

There were also activities which had not been held before. During the Tennis Week (on 20th April 1998 to 24th April 1998), videos of international tennis competitions were shown. Exhibition boards were made, too. This proved to be a great success as our schoolmates knew more about tennis. Additionally, A homepage introducing our club was made.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our advisor, Rev. Anthony Farren S.J. and to our coach Mr. Gary So for their invaluable advice and guidance. We also have to thank all our members for their support. I hope tennis will continue to be popular among our schoolmates in the future.

Simon Yau

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