Ms. Tsoi Sau Chun, Agnes
Mr. Leung Yiu Kwong
Chan Wai Lok, Kenneth 6SS
Yiu Cheong, Rico 4K
Leung Cheuk Fun, Bede 6S
Financial Secretary:
Lui Kwun Shing, William 4K
Lam Chui Sing, Tom 6SS
Ho Wing Wai, Danny 4Y
Art Designer:
Fan Ming Kuan, George 3J

This is the sixth year since the conception of the Uno Club. In these years, the Uno Club is eager to promote the game to members by holding practices and competitions. This year is no exception.

We recruited a total of 68 members. Although the number of members has been decreased when compared with previous years, we still tried our best to hold activities for the members. We held Uno practices every fortnight to which we obtained a good response from the members. In addition, we organized a membership card designing competition and an Uno competition in November. Both of these activities brought accolades to our club. On Union Day, we provided a chance for the members to play other kinds of Uno-related games, such as Uno Stacko, Uno Dominos, etc.

On behalf of my Ex-co team, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to Miss A. Tsoi and Mr. Y. K. Leung for their valuable advice. I would also like to thank my Ex-co team, as well as our members, for their continuous support for the Uno Club.

Chan Wai Lok, Kenneth

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