Mr. So Chung Ping, Norman
Cheng Hon Fai 6S
Cheung Hon Yuen 6S
Financial Secretary:
Wong Hin Cheong 6S
Wong Wai Kit 6SS
Exco Members:
Kwan Tin Fu 6B
Lee Wing Chi 6B
Lin Yiu Tong 6SS

The Weight-training Club was founded two years ago, when our gymnasium had been converted from a utilities room with the help of a generous donation from the Past Students' Association. Since becoming a member of a commercial fitness center was very expensive, the rumor that a gymnasium would be built in the school three years ago exhilarated all Wahyanites who wanted to shape up. Now that the rumor has become a reality, all one has to pay to enjoy the pleasure of weight training is merely a few dollars a year, plus, of course, one's effort and perseverance.

This year we have offered a training course to let our fellow schoolmates get the most out of our gymnasium. There was much enthusiasm at the start, but it seems that only few members are persevering and brave enough to face the challenge of muscle soreness and self-discipline. It is my deepest hope that future Wahyanites will be more determined and courageous.

Mishandling of weight can cause injuries, which will not happen at all if bodybuilder follows the advice of an experienced instructor. The adviser of our club, Mr. Norman So, has been in the iron game for more than thirty-five years. Not only has he shared with us his rich experience in weight training, but he has also taught us how to prevent injuries. I would like to express my sincerest thanks to him for instructing the ex-co members of the club despite his heavy schedule of administrative duties.

Cheng Hon Fai

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