This is the 39th year of the Altar Society of St. John Berchmans, Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Our society was established since the Chapel was founded and it is one of the longest serving societies of Wah Yan. Every morning, our members will serve Mass in the Chapel. Most of the Masses are held early in the morning. It is hard for us to wake up so early. But with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and also of our patron, St. John Berchmans, the attendance rate is very high.

The first function this year was the Orientation Day. Seven lovely and smart boys joined us, and so there are about 45 members and observers in our society now. Our altar society is not so famous in the school, because we do not have much contact with other schoolmates. Only two board exhibitions were organized at the corridor: one during the Catholic Week, and one after the Easter holiday. Nonetheless, we have organized a number of activities within our society, like Christmas BBQ, Annual Retreat, Spring Gathering, Annual Picnic and Easter Celebration. We also have a football match and a basketball match every month. All of them are rather successful. They have improved our spiritual knowledge and the relationship among us very much. We have a general meeting once every two weeks. These are our general gatherings. We talk about our business, i.e., duties and activities, and have special games to play.

The business this year was really hard. Last year, we had three F.6 students, two F.4 students and two F.3 students in the executive committee. But this year, since most of the F.6 students were busy with their schoolwork or the Catholic Association, only six students who were in F.4 and F.3 served in the executive committee. All six of us felt it stressful because most of us were in the executive committee for the first time. Luckily, we had a really good spiritual adviser, Fr. Stephen Chow S.J., and also our ex-chairman, Joseph Chan. They have really helped a lot during this year. We would like to thank them here. Overall speaking, this was a good and successful year.

Times flies. This year is coming to an end. So many things to remember, so many things to learn. Six of us, the executive committee, have become good friends. Some of us will stay on to serve our society the following year and some will be on leave for the HKCEE. Anyhow, we all hope that the following year will be better than this year in serving our God and in growing up happily with our brothers.

May God bless you all!

Moses Chong
Chairman of Altar Society of St. John Berchmans, Wan Yan College, Kowloon

Chong Yan Hon, Moses 4W
Duty Master
Lau Yiu Kwan, Anthony 4Y
Master of Ceremony
Tsoi Chun Him, Vincent 4W
Vice Duty Master
Yau Ka Kin, John 4Y
Lui Man Fung, Louis 3W
Lee Cheuk Hang, Joseph 3S

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