Under the guidance of our Almighty Father, we have tried our very best to fulfil the mission, which is to spread His Good News, to every corner of the school; to the Catholics, and also to the non-Catholics. Of course, we are not just a preaching team. What we do is to organize various functions, such as the Catholic Week and services to enhance the religious atmosphere of the school. On top of this, the association acts as a bridge for the religious groups, so that a better communication among them can be obtained.

The executive committee, consisting of 11 ex-co members, was formed in August 97. It seemed that we have many classmates in the cabinet. We were never inefficient, nonetheless. Instead, this helped us a lot when we had to decide on our theme for the whole year. All roads lead to Rome. There were many ways for us to achieve our sacred missions. However, our limitations allowed us only to choose one.

There is no doubt that if we want to be good ex-co members, we should be good servants for others, which is exactly what "Man for Others" means. Love is the most important element in order for us to be this kind of "man". We have to love the people around, both the Catholics and the non-Catholics, and both our friends and our enemies. Thus, an idea of what our year theme was primarily figured out -- love the people around. Discussion after discussion, we had chosen "Man in God", or for simplification, "M.I.G.", as our theme. Deep inside us, we should have a heart full of love towards everyone, for we are all Man in God; we are instructments of God's peace. We must be willing to give our helping hand to anyone who is in need, and to help the others to develop their potential, etc. The very important spirit of the theme is to get closer to everyone by all means, and to maintain unity in diversity.

Our series of programmes this year started with an Orientation Day for the Form One Catholics on the first school day, 1st September. Our new Catholic schoolmates were firstly introduced the Catholic Association, and then the other religious groups. Meanwhile they were encouraged to join at least one of them.

The School Opening Mass was held soon after the Orientation Day. That was our first big job. Luckily, we were able to manage the running in a smooth pace and tackle the problems without inducing chaos.

We held two Rosary Recitations during lunch time in October. However, the degree of participation was far from satisfactory. The recitations took place in the corridor. We thought many people would join us after they had finished their lunch. But they just walked across.

From 30th March to 4th April, it was the Catholic Week, which attracted the most enthusiastic participation among all functions, like the preceding years. This year, the aim of the Catholic Week was to raise fund for the Amnesty International Organization. Apart from the traditional wishing tree, relics selling, a new idea was brought out. It was the electronic Easter card mailing service. However, the response was not as good as we had expected. A tradition perhaps, the most exciting programme was put on Saturday. This year, our climax was the 20-hour fasting which was held from Friday to Saturday, 3rd-4th April. It was a very good opportunity for participants to experience hunger and to show more concern about this issue, and to understand more how the poverty suffer. Perhaps the most remarkable experience for the participants was in the second day, when we visited the Home of Love. The smell from the delicious dishes for the elderly made us feel hungrier. What a trial from God! There was no opposition that it was a hard struggle with ourselves to resist the temptation, but this was exactly what we had to learn. The End-of-Term Mass marked an end to our work this year. The Mass provided a precious time for us to thank God, to reflect and to relax.

Experience is always accumulated and passed on. The Catholic Association will become better and better. What we have to keep in mind is that the yardstick of success for us is not the number of participants in the functions, but the attitude in serving God and spreading His love. If you can practise this spirit, you conquer with the power from the sign in this page, which is the glorious sign. What is the sign? The "Cross" inside the "Shield"!

We are raw. May God refine us to be His instrument of peace.

God Bless!

David Cheung


Cheung Ip Ho, David 6B
Internal Vice-chairman
Mak Ping Cheong, Joseph 6B
External Vice-chairman
Lai Chun Yue, Eric 6SS
Internal Secretary
Leung Cheuk Fun, Bede 6S
External Secretary
Wong Yu Kit, Dominic 6S
Chan Chun Ho, Kevin 6B
Liturgy Secretary
Cheung Yin Cheong, John 6SS
Spiritual Secretary
Lam Kin Bong, Hubert 6B
Publication Secretary
Leung Hin Ting, Raymund 6SS
Publicity Secretary
Fok Chi Wai, David 6B
Lau Chun Yu, Andrew 6SS

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