Catholic Night '98

Catholic Night is a variety show which aims at spreading the Good News of God to all of us and strengthening the faith of our Catholics.

Catholic Night '98 was held on 17th January 1998, from 6:15p.m. to 9:30p.m. in the school hall of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. This year, Catholic Night was organized by Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. Three schools were also invited to co-organize this function. They are Pui Tak Cannosian College, Scared Heart Cannosian College and, of course, Wah Yan College, Kowloon. The main theme was "SEEK". We hope that all the participants could seek for three things through attending Catholic Night. In Chinese, they were 本我、愛and 皈依.

Catholic Night commenced with an opening prayer which was a lovely song called "What are you seeking?" led by Paul Yu, the Chairperson and Monique Chu, the Vice-Chairperson of the committee. A short introduction was then given by our Masters of Ceremony, May Cheung and Bosco Yeung from Sacred Heart Cannosian College and Wah Yan College, Hong Kong respectively. They introduced an action song called "Tell the World of His Love" which was about spreading the message of Love to everyone in the world. Some of the committee members illustrated the song with actions on the stage. Since action song was so fresh to most of our audience, they looked excited and paid much attention in learning it. The following programs were two exciting games. The audience showed enthusiasm when playing. Those who had lost were asked to perform the action song on the stage. Then came a talk given by Mr. John Tan, our honorable guest. He told us a story, his own story of "Seek", not only in words but also in a series of songs. The talk ended with applause and was followed by group singing. It was performed by the Catholic Choir of Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Their songs brought us peace and harmony. After that, some of the committee members shared their feelings of organizing this function and told the audience what they have got through organizing the Catholic Night. Then came a ten minutes' break and each participant was served with a drink.

The second part of the Night began with a wonderful drama called "Road of Seek" which was performed by the committee members. The story was about the life of a priest. He was an orphan and because of the sense of loneliness, he did many wrong things in his boyhood. But once he met a blind girl called Rosa who was also an orphan but was full of love and treated all people as if they were her brothers and sisters. He was touched. Then he thought that he needed to change and seek for a better way to live. The ending was that he became a priest taking care of the others, especially the youngsters, for the rest of his life. Though the drama did not run so smoothly, most of the audience showed their respect by keeping silent and could get the message in it. Following the drama was the section of exchanging souvenirs among the representatives of the four participating schools, W.Y.C.H.K, P.T.C.C, S.H.C.C and W.Y.K. The audience also exchanged wishing cards among themselves since the tickets were designed as wishing cards and they could write some words to their friends. The audience enjoyed this very much. The Catholic Night came to an end after the singing of the action song "Tell the World of His Love" being sung by all of the participants.

Catholic Night was a successful function and all the participants could have a good memory of it. I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Father Chow, S.J., who was our adviser, Miss Chau and the students who helped in the Catholic Night '98. Besides, I would like to thank our Holy Father in Heaven for giving us a chance to organize Catholic Night '98. God Bless!

Organizing Committee of
Catholic Night '98

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