The date of the Catholic Week was from 30th March to 4th April, 98. The function aimed at enhancing the religious spirit in the school and to raise funds for Amnesty International.

The week of events commenced by an opening ceremony which took place at the corridor. It was our honour to have 6 guests for our ribbon cutting. They were Father Zee, Father Leung, Father Naylor, Mr. So, Mr. Yu and Mr. Ching. Followed by this, we held a Way of the Cross during lunch time. This was a meaningful activity which provided an opportunity for us to reflect and think of Jesus pain. At the same time, a counter was set in the corridor, where relics and effigies were sold and Easter E-mail card sending service was provided. In fact, the counter was set throughout the rest of the week.

We held a lunch-time concert on Wednesday during lunch hour, with the support of Mr. Jeff Lam who we'd like to thank. Thank once again. The audience came in large numbers and they all had an enjoyable time.

On Thursday it was the Rite of Reconciliation which took place in the school chapel. This was a chance for sinners to reconcile our relationship with God. We reflected for the wrongs we did, and then told Father honestly and requested him to seek for forgiveness from God. We found ourselves becoming closer to God after the reconciliation.

Friday and Saturday were the climax because of our 20-hour fasting. Every participant would be given a sponsor sheet. They had to search for families and friends to sponsor their participation. All the funds raised were contributed to Amnesty International. We experienced how the poor, homeless and starving lived in the 2-day programme. In order to experience homelessness, we slept on the floor in the corridor. We could feel the coldness and the hard and rough "beds". A visit to Home of Love was another great experience for many classmates, not only a social service experience, but also a chance to learn how to resist temptation. The story is that as we were going to leave, the meals for the elderly were being served. The smell of the food made us feel hungrier, especially for those who had done a lot in cleaning the Home of Love. After the fasting, we definitely understood the importance to treasure and thankful for our food, as many people in other corner of the planet were suffering from starvation.

As a conclusion, the Catholic Week this year can be regarded as successful. We raised $11,664.40. We would like to say thank you to all who had contributed to Amnesty International.

David Cheung






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