The Christian Life Community is a world-wide organization with its headquarters in Rome. It was formerly called the Sodality of Our Lady and was founded by Rev. John Lennis, S.J. in 1563. Its members spread all over the world. Wah Yan Kolwoon Christian Life Community is a member of Hong Kong Christian Life Community.

In this academic year, our ecclesiastical assistant, Rev. Sean O Cearbhallain S.J., was so busy that he could not always be present at our meetings. It was also the case for our F.5 or F.7 members, who were on leave early because they had to prepare for public examinations. Fortunately, God gave us a helping hand when we were in difficult circumstances. He sent us Miss Shum Siu Ching, Maria, and Brother George Yeung S.J. as our group guides. Furthermore, we had some new members from junior and senior forms.

We had weekly meetings on Thursdays after school. In each meeting, we had life sharing, with bible sharing as the most important part in order to lead a real Christian life through learning from others' opinions and experiences. I think this is the greatest difference when compared with other societies. All members of us had to contribute, but in the end, we could get all the things that others had contributed.

Sometimes we had Masses as the highlights of meetings. In this year, we had visited some churches and the Home of Love. In the visit to the Home of Love, we have found that the faith of the sisters was so great that they could overcome any problem. After the Christmas examination, we had a picnic to relieve ourselves of the high pressure of examination and to improve our relationship. Also, we had a board exhibition to introduce Christian Life Community to our schoolmates to give them a better understanding of Christian life.

Finally, I would like to thank Father Sean S.J., Brother George Yeung S.J., and Miss Shum Siu Ching, Maria, for their invaluable advice. Also, I would like to thank our members for their participation in the community.

Anthony Lau
Co-ordinator of
Wah Yan College, Kowloon
Christian Life Community


Lau Yin Kwan, Anthony 4Y
Chiu Yu Wai, Wilfred 3S

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