Writing an editorial is not an easy task, but it becomes much easier when compared with the whole process of publishing a school magazine. As a student, I also expect an exquisite publication with memorable and enjoyable content. Nevertheless, this goal seems quite difficult to achieve with the limited human and financial resources, especially with the economic recession in 1998. Sponsorship from commercial organizations and past students has reduced significantly. Being a reader of the Shield for five years, I found myself taking it for granted to receive such a bargain, and have neglected the sweat of bringing the annual even into existence.

In general, we have reduced the "thickness" of the year book which was getting thicker and thicker in the past few years. It does not mean that we have made less effort. Within the reduced number of pages, you may still find something new and novel, as well as some traditional but essential sections in The Shield. Apart from the contributions from students, we have also added some contributions from teachers, form masters and mistresses, which make our school magazine more warm and true. On the other hand, the targets of our interviews were also changed. We interviewed not only the famous past students, but also those who have chosen some special occupations as their careers, which seem quite novel and interesting to us.

Changes in Wah Yan have become another sensitive topic associated with our new supervisor Father George Zee, S.J.. Basically,

changes are always welcome when necessary. New policies may have brought inconvenience. It is hoped that students can justify the pros and cons of experiencing a new environment rather than criticizing everything without looking into details. Father Zee has got an article in The Shield and those interested in it can get more information there.

Besides the printed copies, we have also produced the CD-ROM version. The CD-ROM production team is led by Cuthbert Lo, who has wonderfully organized the team and created many new ideas for the CD version of The Shield. Multi-media is the main theme of the CD-ROM. Besides the photos and text found on the printed copy, readers can watch the video tapes of various school activities throughout the year. Readers can also experience inter-active communication with schoolmates throught Internet by clicking on the links inside the CD-ROM.

Editorials of The Shield always review the history of students' performances in the academic year. I would rather leave this task to the readers of The Shield. May I invite all of you to be one of the observers to justify our successes and failures.

The Editorial Board is sorry about the delay of the release of the school magazine due to various technical problems. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our principal Mr. Norman So, the assistant principals, Mr. Yue Poon Leung and Mr. Leung Wai Kwong, and all the advisors of The Shield, for their generous advice and support. May I also acknowledge my helpful deputies, members of the editorial board and the teammates of the CD production team, who have sacrifically spent so much on the production of The Shield. Without their invaluable help, publishing the school magazine successfully can only be a miracle that never exists.

Tang Siu Hang, Wesley
The Shield (Volume 46)

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