A special word of praise is due to Tang siu-hang and his team of very hardworking helpers. The forty-sixth volume of The Shield would not have been possible without their sleepless nights and days, occasioned not by the World Cup Finals but by the heavy editorial work and related administrative duties.

In this brilliant volume we see, beside the records written, drawn and photographed of the happenings in the school during the past year, the momentum and potential for great work hidden, not just in the editorial board, but in the whole student body. One can hardly fail to see that the momentum has generated from their love for the school and their sense of pride of being students of Wah Yan. To some extent, the success of our past students after graduation has also stemmed from the same love and pride. I hope that The Shield is a means to hand down these emotions and qualities from generation to generation, and that the present volume is an important link in the chain because its publication leads us into the seventy-fifth year of existence of the school.


I wish to give my sincerest thanks to the teachers who advised the editing team, those who contributed articles and pictures to the present volume, the benefactors and the printer. Every one of them has done his or her best in making this meaningful piece of work a real success.

Norman So



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