Yes, you've found me.

Who am I? I am me.

I am, as you may have known already, the "silly and stupid" chief editor of this school magazine (just kidding though you may be serious). Well, being the head of the Editorial Board is really a hard job. Tons of things to deal with. Sometimes, and most often, I just wanna escape from these pressures and take a break elsewhere. I am just a Form Six student and I am the lazy one. I hate working all the time. Haha, lazy... I do think that the ability of being lazy is not that common.

Don't expect you will find much information about me inside this so-called "secert" page. To know a perspective human being, you need to consider s/he as an individual from different points of view, right? Do you know what I mean? Yes? Are you going to try then?

As I know, there are more secret pages left behind. Wanna join this game? Are you ready? Okay, take your mark! Go~! Oh~~~ sorry, there is NO free lunch. People always say these: Life is hard. Life is inexplicable. Life is a different story everyday. Life is full of ups and downs... But I like this most: Life is not a rehearsal; and you need to try YOUR best in order to get what you desire. I have nothing more to say, enjoy yourself here, there and everything!

Don't forget to keep in touch with me. It's not toxic or harmful at all.

be yourself